My career started in 1992

My beginnings in the arts and marketing field were such a great time. I worked as an illustrator in a small studio in Vancouver BC, Canada. Right out of high school, I was hired as a shop helper and illustrator. I swept a lot of dusty floors free of soft pastels, while learning how things were done with creativity as the first priority. 

It keeps going.

Moving on I went further into the sign industry working in shops from sign maker to manager over a short period of time. I’ve learned the intricacies of asset management, silkscreening, routing, painting, finishing and installing. From those foundations, I went into traditional and computer assisted design, working in the art room of the world’s largest Neon Sign producer. From there, in 2000, I moved to Santa Rosa and went into print design and prepress. Here, I learned extremely valuable skills that reshaped my design abilities to understanding fundamental rules of paper, ink color management, and printing presses. This sets me apart from many designers. In 2005 I took Dave Rogers Design from freelance to full time and have really enjoyed growing the business mostly by word of mouth and referrals.

Every Mission has a Goal.

As in any relationship, personal or professional, communication is key. I believe in listening and offering any feedback based on my experiences. My ultimate goal is to help your business succeed in every way possible through focused and affordable signs, printing or advertising.